Save 20% off a Big Warm Hug from Gravity Blanket

And get better sleep and a more relaxed nervous system in the process.

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Gravity Blanket

There's an incredible thing that happens when you curl up in a Gravity Blanket weighted blanket. The scientific term for it is "deep touch pressure stimulation," but in layman's terms, it's a big warm hug that equates to faster and deeper sleep, plus an overall relaxing of the nervous system. Let's be honest, everyone could use a hug these days — not to mention better sleep. If you haven't tried a Gravity Blanket weighted blanket before, now's the perfect time. The brand is currently offering 20 percent off when you use code HOLIDAY2020 at checkout. Better yet, instead of just picking up one for yourself, grab an extra one or two and get some holiday shopping out of the way.


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