Stick the Landing of Your Home Office with This Anti-Fatigue Mat

The Muvmat is designed to stimulate blood flow and encourage the subtle movements your body needs to stay comfortable, balanced and energized.

fully muvmat

If you work at a standing desk, it's safe to assume that there are times when you get tired of standing on your feet — when you do, your first thought would likely be to sit down. But what if there was a foot-massaging mat that you could stand on that would simultaneously reduce fatigue and feel good on your feet, ultimately helping you to stand for longer stretches? That's the idea behind Fully's Muvmat. The company is all about encouraging movement at work, and the Muvmat does just that. Inside there's an "active zone" of topographic peaks and valleys that engages your muscles and stimulates blood flow. It works with or without shoes (even better without), and will help you stay comfortable, balanced and energized. The Muvmat also features a special water-resistant coating so it's easy to clean and care for — but you can also add an optional protective cover that can be removed for washing.

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