The Perfect Fire Pits to Make the Most of Your Outdoor Space

Nothing brings people together like a roaring fire. So why reserve them just for camping trips?

Stahl Firepits

Nothing brings people together like a roaring fire. So why reserve them just for camping trips? That’s why we went on the hunt for the perfect outdoor fire pit and discovered Stahl, from Portland, Oregon. Each of the brand’s gorgeous metal fire pits features a five-piece design with components that slide together without screws or tools, making the pit easy to assemble or store away. The quarter-inch steel plates are also built to last and designed to patina beautifully, changing from a dark blue to a goldened autumn tint over a few seasons. Pick one up now from our own Gear Patrol Store and make the most of your outdoor entertaining season, all the way from spring to fall.

Stahl Camper Fire Pit


Stahl’s smallest portable fire pit is made from lightweight aluminum side walls and a steel center plate and measures 8 x 20 x 20 inches. Combine it with the Stahl x Frost River Fire Pit Sling below for the perfect for car camping setup.

Buy Now: $399 (From the Gear Patrol Store)

Stahl Patio Fire Pit


This option is ideal for smaller spaces and features the same hand-selected A36 hot rolled steel you’d find in the bigger boys, but it still comes out to the same size as the more portable Camper Fire Pit above (8 x 20 x 20 inches).

Buy Now: $650 (From the Gear Patrol Store)

Stahl Fire Pit


The biggest fire pit in the lineup is the perfect size for backyards and patios at a crowd-pleasing 12 x 30.5 x 30 inches. It’s also the only model that’s currently compatible with the brand’s hand grill plate accessory shown below.

Buy Now: $950 (From the Gear Patrol Store)

Stahl Grill Plate


Open flames inspire the urge to grill, so Stahl developed the Grill Plate specifically for the wood-burning fire pit in order for owners to cook over it with ease. Need recipe advice? Then give these delicious open wood fire meals a shot.

Buy Now: $220 (From the Gear Patrol Store)

Stahl x Frost River Firepit Sling


Designed in collaboration with Frost River, this handy sling is crafted with heavyweight waxed canvas and premium leather. It’s a killer carry solution for the camper fire pit that pulls double duty as a firewood sling.

Buy Now: $220 (From the Gear Patrol Store)

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