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This Good-Looking Organization Collection Sparks Joy

Just when you thought she was done, Marie Kondo is back to organize your life.

Right when you thought you heard the last of the phrase "spark joy," the queen of sparking joy herself, Marie Kondo, just released her collection of minimally designed organization goods with The Container Store. The cleaning expert behind the KonMari method of organization, host of Netflix's "Tidying Up" and author of "The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up" helped to design a 100-plus piece collection that, simply put, sparks joy.

From kids' rooms to kitchens, the Container Store x KonMari collaboration features a hefty number of items to bring order to an otherwise unorganized home. Each item is conceptualizes Kondo's ideas for a well-designed product: clean, simple designs with a clear and intentional function. To counter product consumption, the collection also aims to be sustainable. Items like the Hikidashi Bamboo Drawer Organizers and the rattan bins are made of renewable resources like bamboo.

The collection is not Kondo's first foray into home organization products. When she launched her KonMari marketplace, critics disparaged Kondo for going against her main tenet: fewer items for a less-cluttered life. (A $75 tuning fork seemed to draw the most ire.) While buying something to achieve a less-is-more philosophy, the KonMari line of goods as well as its collection with The Container Store helps to keep the items you do have in proper order. And if your random housewares are the only thing that get some order this year, at least that can spark some joy in 2021.

The Container Store x KonMari line is available for purchase now, with prices starting at $4.


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