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WhistlePig Whiskey Does Ice Cream With Ben & Jerry's and 7 More Home and Design Releases

Knocking out two vices with one delicious dessert.

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Welcome to Window Shopping, a weekly exercise in lusting over home products we want in our homes right the hell now. This week: a hoppy beverage that isn't beer, lighting that really sets the mood and more.

WhistlePig x Ben & Jerry's Whiskey Biz

Two Vermont legends, WhistlePig and Ben & Jerry's, teamed up to make a whiskey ice cream, essentially putting two of our favorite guilty pleasures into one sinful pint. The ice cream, called Whiskey Biz, is made with a base of brown butter bourbon ice cream that's filled with blonde brownie chunks, then topped with white chocolate ganache and white fudge chunks. The caramel that swirls around in the ice cream is made with WhistlePig's six-year-old PiggyBack Rye. Whiskey Biz is one of the seven flavors coming from Ben & Jerry's "Topped" series that the brand calls "an ice cream sundae in a pint."


Truff Mayo

Mayonnaise is one of those condiments that you either love or hate. I am in neither of those groups. I'll never ask for mayo, but I'll never be upset that it's on something I'm eating. But with Truff's newest releases, Truffle Mayonnaise and Spicy Truffle Mayonnaise, I may be asking for mayo more often. Truff started as a truffle-infused hot sauce brand, and its new mayonnaises follow the release of its pasta sauces. And like its predecessors, Truffle Mayonnaise and Spicy Truffle Mayonnaise are made with enough black winter truffles that won't make you question whether or not any of that gourmet gold is actually in there.

Price: $25/two-pack


Gantri Ember Wall Light and Discus Table Light

wall light
Gantri’s Ember Wall Light.
Gantri’s Discus Table Light.

There's "mood lighting," and then there's mood lighting. The latter of which is what Gantri — one of the coolest lighting brands right now — is aiming for with its latest releases. The Ember Wall Light and Discus Table Light are, as the brand notes, designed to "enhance your sense of intimacy and set the mood for deeper connection." The dimmable lights, meant to mimic the glow of candles, are made with a new design studio called SPRK. Based in San Francisco, SPRK was founded Nate Sprecher, who identifies as a member of the Queer community. Sprecher's goal is to create safe spaces with an eye toward sensual lighting. The two new lamps continue to grow on what Gantri started out to achieve: making sustainable lighting with a sense of purpose and to give up-and-coming designers (or even large design studios like Ammunition) an outlet to make something great.

Price: $175 each


Aurora Hops

Portland-based beverage brand Aurora Superior Sparkling Beverages followed up its hemp-infused sparkling beverages with one that swaps out hemp for hops. Aurora Hops takes the hops you might know from your favorite IPA — Citra and Mosaic —and turns them into refreshing booze-free beverages. The new drink comes in two flavors: Pomelo Sage, which is citrusy and herbaceous, and Yuzu Orange Blossom, which is spicy, floral and earthy.

Price: $12/four-pack


New London Light

If you're extending Dry January into Dry February (and beyond), there's a new non-alcoholic spirit you can add to your bar cart. The England-based Salcombe Distilling Co. just brought their New London Light stateside. The drink, inspired by the gin-making process, is distilled with juniper berries (duh), lemongrass, habanero capsicum and sage among other botanicals. Because of ginger and habanero capsicum, the New London Light has a warming effect, sort of like how a full-booze spirit would have.

Price: $35


Minor Figures Canned Coffees and Teas

You may have seen Minor Figures' oat milk before. The brand is known for drawing attention thanks to its quirky branding, and the oat milk itself has a dedicated fanbase, mostly comprising coffee lovers and baristas. It's now making canned coffees and teas mixed with its infamous oat milk, and it's like having a barista making café-quality beverages in your home. The lineup includes a latte, matcha latte, chai latte and mocha, all of which can be found in select indie coffee shops and Whole Foods (later in April in mid-Atlantic stores) across the US.

Price: $35/12-pack


Una Pizza Napoletana Merch

New York City has almost as many pizzerias as people (a huge exaggeration). So for Una Pizza Napoletana to have made the splash that it has must mean it's good. The pizzeria, owned by chef Anthony Mangieri (who cameoed on the Showtime series "Billions"), dishes Neapolitan pies, notable for their thin base crust and fluffy rim, and food reviewers have been flocking to the joint's two locations in the Lower East Side of Manhattan (closed temporarily) and New Jersey (open for takeout). If you can't grab a pie, you can at least rep the brand with its recently launched merch. Designed by artists Lucas Beaufort and Max Mueller (who did the mermaid design pictured above), the collection includes tees, hoodies and a beanie. With restaurants struggling now more than ever, copping a restaurant's branded tee might just ensure you can grab a bite to eat there once the pandemic's over.

Price: $25+


Brooklinen Limited-Edition Sheets

There was a time when bed sheets were just bed sheets. That time was before Brooklinen came out, and the brand has since turned bedding, bathroom knits and cozy apparel into it times for a generation of cool kids. Brooklinen is known for releasing limited-edition prints for its bedding, with a new collection out now that's inspired by '70s grooviness. The retro-inspired prints will make you feel obligated to change your sheets more often because having Brooklinen in your home is the new style flex.

Price: $109+


Tyler Chin is Gear Patrol’s Associate Staff Writer.
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