Moore & Giles Meehan Utility Bag & Bar Rollup

Have shaker, will travel


Hitmen may carry their “equipment” in stainless steel brief cases filled with foam padding or possibly a fake crutch depending on the job. Construction workers have tool belts and trucks. Professional Wrestlers have tight-fitting spandex outfits with a few spare syringes and bandannas, just in case. The point is, every trade gets their gear to work in a particular way and the Moore & Giles Meehan Utility Bag & Bar Rollup ($740) is the equivalent for professional bartenders or chefs who demand the tools of their trade be on hand at all times. Developed in partnership with mixologist, Jim Meehan, who routinely lends his cocktail expertise to publications such as Food & Wine, it features a slew of cubbie-like pockets for storing everything from corkscrews to strainers. The main compartment also contains 6 removable padded sections for toting glassware. Last but not least, the included roll-up is also useful for chefs or would be Paul Hogans who prefer to carry their own knives, since they can be placed in the bag or carried separately. For more shots of this waxwear beauty, check the gallery on the next page.

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Ben Bowers is the chief content officer and co-founder of Gear Patrol.
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