This Timeless Bed Is Built to Last a Lifetime

The Bed by Thuma combines quality craftmanship with an elevated design.

thuma bed

If you're looking for a modern, timeless, and easy-to-assemble bed, look no further than The Bed by Thuma. Crafted with quality, eco-friendly materials, this platform bed was built to last a lifetime, and with Thuma's lifetime warranty, it's guaranteed that it will. The Bed's minimal and streamlined aesthetic easily matches your existing furniture, making it perfect for your current home and your next. It's shipped to your door in three boxes, designed to fit up stairways and through hallways, and can be assembled in roughly five minutes — with no tools or teams needed. It's a luxury platform bed that's not only affordable, but premium and a snap to assemble. What more could you want?

Price: $695


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