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Dyson Completely Revamped Its Line of Air Purifiers

They look the same, but the guts make Dyson's new air purifiers better than ever.

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Dyson has overhauled its three-year-old line of air purifiers with a new set of models. The new purifiers are stronger, quieter and more efficient than the previous ones, and it includes a new range of models that target and destroy a silent killer, formaldehyde.

Unveiled today, the new Dyson Purifier Cool ($550), Dyson Purifier Hot+Cool ($650) and Dyson Purifier Formaldehyde range ($670+) have been tweaked to delivered 50 percent cleaner air than Dyson's previous models. Instead of having just its filters being classified as HEPA H13 — the second-highest level of air filtration — the whole unit meets HEPA H13 standards. Dyson did this by fully sealing the air purifiers so that no dirty air can leak back into the air you breathe. The new range can capture 99.97 of particles as small as 0.3 microns, which is about the size of viruses and bacteria.

air purifier

The new Cool and Hot+Cool purifiers are impressive, but in Dyson's new Formaldehyde range, the brand brings new technology to combat an invisible toxic gas that few people might even be aware of. Formaldehyde can be found in a number of household products — like glue and paint — as well as cosmetics and other consumer products. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, prolonged exposure to formaldehyde can increase the likelihood of getting cancer. The formaldehyde-fighting machines utilize a special sensor to detect the chemical — which is 500 times smaller than 0.1 microns — which is then destroyed by a Selective Catalytic Oxidization filter. Basically, the filter is made up of billions of tunnels that capture formaldehyde and turn it into water and carbon dioxide. You'll never need to replace this filter, either — it regenerates from oxygen.

What's more, all of the new purifiers are 20 percent quieter after engineers modified their airflow path to reduce the amount of friction between the air and the units' surface. Being smart Dyson products, they work with the Dyson Link app, and they're compatible with Alexa, Google Home and Siri. Head to Dyson's website to check out the air purifiers for yourself. Prices start at $550, and they're backed by a two-year warranty.

Price: $550+


Tyler Chin is Gear Patrol’s Associate Staff Writer.
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