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Instant Pot's Parent Company Cooked Up an Air Purifier

Should we call it Instant Air? InstAir? Air Pot?

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In 2021, it seems as though every brand is making an air purifier. Ikea made one (that's affordable and actually pretty good); even Cuisinart made one. Now, the latest brand to hope on the air purifier bandwagon is Instant — the brand behind everyone's favorite multicooker, the Instant Pot.

The Instant Air is Instant's first product not tied to the kitchen. As of now, the range includes a small-room air purifier (meant for rooms up to 126 square feet with a clean air delivery rate, or CADR, of 139) and a large-room air purifier (meant for rooms up to 388 square feet with a CADR of 426). Later in the summer, Instant will launch a medium-sized air purifier to be the perfect in-between.

Instant Air air purifiers are fitted with a three-in-one filter that's a combination of a HEPA-13 filter, which capture 99.97 percent of bacteria, viruses and mold; a carbon filter, which captures and eliminates odors; and an antimicrobial coating, which prolongs the lifespan of the filter by prevent bacterial growth on the filter.

The air purifiers are equipped with an intelligent sensor, which continually monitors your room's air quality, and the machines relay air quality through colored lights atop the unit. When it's nighttime, the air purifiers will detect the absence of light, then turn off the display and power down the fan to its lowest setting.

Instant says its air purifiers are lab-tested to remove 99.9 percent of SARS-CoV-2, which is the virus that causes COVID-19. While the machines won't make you impervious to the virus, they do provide peace of mind when it comes to being indoors all the time.

Instant Air is available on Amazon right now, in both small ($130) and large ($240) sizes, and they come in two colors: charcoal and pearl. Replacement filters cost $30 for the smaller unit and $60 for the larger unit, and they're expected to last between six to eight months when the air purifiers are run continuously on auto mode.

Price: $130+


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