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Samsung's New Robot Vacuum Is Crazy Smart, And 4 Other New Home Releases

The robots are getting smarter.

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Welcome to Window Shopping, a weekly exercise in lusting over home products we want in our homes right the hell now. This week: oven mitts that look like art, an alternative to Le Creuset's Dutch oven and more.

Samsung’s Jet Bot AI+ Robotic Vacuum

samsungs jet bot ai robotic vacuum

Samsung's new robot vacuum doesn't care how messy or cluttered your home may be. The new Jet Bot AI+ uses technology found in self-driving cars to navigate your home to efficiently clean while swerving out of the way of furniture, pets or even the stray piece of clothing. Use the SmartThings app on your phone to schedule cleanings and designate "no-go zones" so the Jet Bot AI+ knows to avoid certain areas. While you're away from home, you can tap into the robot vacuum's camera to see exactly what it's doing. It also comes with a Clean Station, which sucks up the dirt the robot vacuum just picked up so you don't have to.

Price: $1,299


Loom + Forge

loom and forge home supplies in bedroom and bathroom
JC Penney

JCPenney's latest collection of home goods is a winner. The department store's new Loom + Forge brand features a bevy of products to furnish the bedroom to the bathroom. The aesthetic of the line mixes contemporary and modern design styles, and if you're looking to refurnish on a budget, you should check out the brand.

Price: $20+


Vermicular Oven Pot

vermicular oven pot

Japanese cast-iron cookware brand Vermicular is complementing its cast-iron induction cooker, the Musui–Kamado, with a line of enameled Dutch ovens called the Oven Pot. Available in a five sizes and four colors, the Oven Pot's standout feature is its super-secure lid, which locks in more moisture than any other Dutch oven on the market, the brand claims.

Price: $120


Grady's Cold Brew The Spouch

gradys cold brew the spouch
Grady's Cold Brew

Since launching in 2011 as a brand of bottled concentrates of New Orleans-style cold brew, Grady's has since expanded into ready-to-drink and brew-it-yourself iterations. New Orleans-style cold brew, if you're not familiar, is a cold brew made with coffee, chicory and spices. The brand's new Spouch makes it easier than ever to make your own cold brew at home. The Spouch, which is a portmanteau of "pouch" and "spout," makes 48 ounces of cold brew that can be then poured straight from the cold-brewing vessel.

Price: $8


Minna Sol Oven Mitts and Potholders

sol oven mitts and potholders

Following its release of tablecloths and reusable napkins, homewares brand Minna just released new oven mitts and placeholders, inspired by Sol Lewitt's Wall Drawings. They're all handmade by a group of artisans in Guatemala, and they make grabbing hot cookware look chic.

Price: $32+


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