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Marpac Finally Updates its Long-Outdated White Noise Machine

If the ‘70s are back in interior design, Marpac never got the memo.


If the ‘70s are back in interior design, Marpac never got the memo. The company behind the Dohm — endorsed by NYMag, GQ and The New York Times — finally released an updated version of its beloved, fashionably unfashionable white noise machine. Called the Dohm Elite, the new model was designed by the legendary architecture and design firm Michael Graves Design. It features a slightly sleeker, textured body and will be available in four different colored accents next month, including pink, green, blue and gray. “This is the first time we’ve brought in an outside design firm with an eye toward aesthetic upgrades, while still keeping functionality, simplicity, and quality sound as our highest priorities,” Marpac recently told The Strategist. Good news for the nostalgic, though: The original ($44) is still available. For now, at least.

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