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Dyson's New Vacuum Is a One-Trick Pony

The Dyson Humdinger is a $300 handheld vacuum...and that's pretty much it.

dyson humdinger

James Dyson's contributions to vacuuming are so great, they earned him the honor of being knighted from the Queen of England. From bagless vacuums to innovations in suction, Dyson vacuums are quite literally the best of the best (at least, according to us).

One underrated benefit of having a Dyson cordless stick vacuum, however, is being able to quickly convert it from a floor vacuum into a handheld vacuum. Which is why it's a little strange that, for the first time in years, Dyson has just released a standalone handheld vacuum, leaving us wondering: who, exactly, is this for?

The new Dyson Humdinger — admittedly, arguably the most fun name Dyson has ever chosen — is the brand's lightest vacuum ever, weighing just 2.1 pounds. Because it's a Dyson vacuum, the Humdinger is equipped with a super-strong motor and advanced filtration that captures 99.99 percent of microscopic particles. There's no denying this is an excellent vacuum with Dyson-quality suction.

We just question why someone would spend $300 on a vacuum that only operates as a handheld.

All of Dyson's cordless stick vacuums double as floor vacuums and handheld vacuums — and at $300, the Humdinger is only $100 less than Dyson's cheapest stick vacs, the Omni-glide and V8 Animal. (And it's not like you can buy a floor attachment for the Humdinger if you suddenly decide you want a floor vacuum.) If you're hesitant about getting a floor vacuum because of how much space it takes up, well, the Humdinger takes up just as much space, utilizing Dyson's on-the-wall docking station to charge.

It's hard to imagine who would throw down $300 on a handheld vacuum when spending a dash more can buy you a far more versatile Dyson. We trust that the Humdinger is probably the strongest handheld on the market, but unless you're looking to misplace a few Benjamins, you should really just buy a stick vacuum.

Price: $300


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