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Amazon Made a $55 Smart Soap Dispenser, and 4 Other New Home Releases

"Alexa, is this a stupid product or the greatest release of 2021?"

window shopping soap dispenser, sauces, and office chair

Welcome to Window Shopping, a weekly exercise in lusting over home products we want in our homes right the hell now. This week: a contraption for getting uniform coffee grounds, Italian pantry staples from one of NYC's best restaurants and more.

Amazon Smart Soap Dispenser

amazon smart soap dispenser

Amazon is trying to make everything "smart," including your soap dispenser. This overpriced automatic soap dispenser makes sure you keep lathering soap in your hands for 20 seconds, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's recommended amount of time for hand washing, through a light-up timer. Because this is an Amazon product, it can pair with an Echo device to use your music, or other entertainment of choice, to help you get through your 20-second hand washing (the soap dispenser itself doesn't have a speaker). And unlike some other automatic soap dispensers, you can control how much soap comes out depending on how close your hand is to the nozzle.

Price: $55


Fellow Shimmy Coffee Sieve

fellow shimmy coffee sieve

No matter how good your coffee grinder is, you're bound to get a little thing called microfines, which are basically super-tiny coffee grinds that can ruin your coffee's flavor. While some may not notice how much those microfines are affecting their coffee, you can trust that your coffee would taste way better without them. The answer to removing these microfines is called a coffee sieve, and Fellow just released its own take on the device, called the Shimmy. All you do is place your ground coffee in the canister and give it a little shake to displace the microfines from the coffee grounds you'll actually be using to brew. Give it a try with any coffee brewing method you use to make a better cup of joe.

Price: $49


Knoll Ollo with Knit Back

knoll ollo with knit back

Earlier this year, Herman Miller would acquire Knoll and be known as MillerKnoll. Now, Knoll has added a new iteration of one of its most popular office chairs, the Ollo. The new Ollo swaps out the original's shell back for a knit back for springy support. The knit moves with you, and it's also more breathable thanks to its open weave. The chair is customizable like you wouldn't believe with 22 seat upholstery options and different colored knits.

Price: $870+


Rao's Homemade Limited Edition Reserve

raos homemade limited edition reserve

Rao's is one of the most famous Italian restaurants in New York City, and it's also notoriously hard to get a seat thanks to its fame — and small size. Luckily, Rao's sells its famous tomato sauces nationwide at supermarkets, and the new Limited Edition Reserve takes it up a notch. With eight high-end products, comprising pantry staples like white truffle marinara to 30-year aged balsamic condiment — the exclusive line is sure to elevate whatever meal you try to make.

Price: $9+


Allawake Coffee Blend Variety Pack

allawake coffee blend variety pack
AllAwake Coffee

Allawake is just one relatively new brand that's rewriting what it means to be instant coffee. The brand makes single-use pour-over drippers that literally makes coffee in an instant. If you want to get a sample of all of Allawake's offerings, the brand recently released its Blend Variety Pack so you can get a taste of its light, medium and dark roast coffees. You're bound to have a favorite, and then you can stock up on all of that.

Price: $35


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