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The Perfect Glass for Drinking Beer and 5 Other New Home Releases

If you have any interest in beer, you should know about the Teku.

beer glass, cooler, and misen scissors

Welcome to Window Shopping, a weekly exercise in lusting over home products we want in our homes right the hell now. This week: Staub cookware for tiny kitchens, fashionable dog beds and more.

Made In Teku Beer Glass

made in teku beer glass
Made In

You can drink beer out of anything: A red Solo cup, a mug, the can or bottle it comes in. But nearly all beer connoisseurs agree that the best beer-drinking vessel is the Teku. Made In just released its take on the popular beer glass, and it's one you should buy if you have even the slightest interest in beer. The Teku glass's claim to fame is its design, meant to maximize everything about your beer from the taste to the aroma and carbonation. The stemmed glass has an angled, tapered bowl with a flared, outward lip that aids in head retention and makes it feel like a beer waterfall is entering your mouth. The angled bowl also helps to capture the beer's aroma, which is what contributes to maximizing its flavor. Drink from one yourself and you'll get the hype.

Price: $59/4-pack


Cote Wine Club

cote wine club
Gary He

New York City's Michelin-starred restaurant Cote is known for its Korean-style barbecue, but its impressive wine selection is also worth a visit. So much so that Cote's wine program was nominated for a James Beard Award for outstanding wine program. If you can't make it out to the restaurant, you can at least sign up for Cote's new wine club. (For those looking for Cote meat, you can score it through Goldbelly.) The three-bottle monthly subscription box is curated by Cote's director of beverage, Victoria James, and master sommelier, Mia Van de Water, through a partnership with Convive Wine Club club. The $165 membership also includes priority access to events and tastings, a 10-percent discount on bottles at Cote and Convive and monthly Zoom happy hours with James and Van de Water.

Price: $165


Old Pal Provisions x Igloo Ecocool "Cold Pal" Cooler

old pal provisions x igloo ecocool  cold pal cooler
Old Pal Provisions

Old Pal, purveyor of weed and weed-adjacent gear for grown ups, partnered with Igloo for take on its insulated Ecocool cooler, which is made entirely from recycled resin that came from post-consumer plastic products. The 7-quart cooler, playfully called the Cold Pal, is adorned in Old Pal-style art that encourages inclusion and togetherness — plus, an overwhelming dose of good, happy vibes.

Price: $40


Staub Stackable Cookware

staub stackable cookware
Williams Sonoma

The more cookware you have, the more kitchen space you better have. But with Staub's new stackable cookware, available exclusively at Williams Sonoma, you can have multiple cooking tools and not have to buy extra storage space. Staub is known for its enameled cast iron, which rivals that of Le Creuset. The stackable sets come in a three-piece set, which includes a frying pan, Dutch oven and universal lid, and a four-piece set, which includes all of the previously mentioned pieces, plus a grill pan.

Price: $450+


Misen Kitchen Shears

misen kitchen shears

Kitchen shears are just as important as kitchen knives — there, I said it. They make light work out of tedious kitchen task whether you're trimming vegetables or cutting through a whole bird. Misen's new kitchen shears are sharp and ready for duty right out of the box. Hell, this thing can cut through a penny if the picture is to be believed. The $15 workhorse is a steal for what it can do, and the shears are backed by the brand's lifetime guarantee.

Price: $15


Minna Dog Bed

minna dog bed

Your dog deserves a nice bed, and you deserve a dog bed that doesn't ruin the vibe of your whole home. Minna's new dog beds are exactly that. Made by hand in Guatemala, Minna's new dog beds are inspired by Sol Lewitt’s Wall Drawings, adding a bright pop of color to the room with its patchwork construction.

Price: $195+


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