The We-Vibe Chorus Couple's Toy Proves the Best Pleasure Is a Shared Experience

From the unique Squeeze Remote to the customizable fit, the We-Vibe Chorus is perfect for couples who are looking for something intelligent, but intuitive.

wowtech chorus

We-Vibe knows that when it comes to sex, the best intimacy is a shared experience between partners. That thinking has shaped the We-Vibe Chorus, a toy designed to give couples a shared pleasure, from stimulation to a simultaneous orgasm. Engineered to provide a custom fit, the We-Vibe Chorus' double-hinged, C-shape design can be bent and tweaked to comfortably fit both partners, staying in place during sex or used in solo play. The unique "Squeeze remote" makes the Chorus especially intuitive. Changing the intensity or vibration of the Chorus only takes a slight squeeze; the tighter you grip the more intense the reaction. Completely waterproof and customizable with connectivity to the We-Connect app, this is a toy that couples can use virtually anywhere without missing a beat. Even better, if you're looking spice up someone's holiday gift list, We-Vibe is offering 20 percent off the Chorus from November 24 through December 3.

Price: $199 $160


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