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Replace Your Everyday Cutlery with a Set of Iconic French Steak Knives

The key to a better meal?


Steak knives are typically reserved for more indulgent, ceremonious meals involving thick cuts of meat. Their appearance tends to reflect the occasion, with artful handles and glinting blades. But handsome cutlery shouldn’t be viewed as precious. The Laguiole region of France is home to a longstanding tradition of knife-making, and today is used to describe the particular shape of a knife — slender and slightly curving — rather than any one brand.

From Jean Dubost, fourth-generation French flatware producers, comes a set of Laguiole knives with olivewood handles so good-looking, they’re best used daily. They’re durable enough to hold up to it, too — with triple-riveted, full-tang blades and serrated edges.

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