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Dyson Might Be Releasing a Robot Vacuum You Can Actually Buy

Dyson's actually been making robot vacuums for quite some time — just not in the US.

dyson robot vacuum

You'd be forgiven if you didn't know that Dyson already has a robot vacuum in its collection. In 2014, the home appliance debuted the Dyson 360, its first robot vacuum, and released it in select countries — not including the US. Now, it looks like Dyson may be gearing up for a US release of a robot vacuum.

As first reported by the Verge, Dyson filed documents with the FCC that give a sneak peek at what may be the US' first available Dyson robot vacuum cleaner. The robovac looks like it'll be called the Dyson 360 Hyperdymium, which likely means it'll be equipped with the brand's strongest motor, the Hyperdymium — which you'll find in the Dyson V11 to the Dyson V15 Detect.

dyson robot vacuum
Dyson filed papers with the FCC that show a flatter and wider robot vacuum than those it released in other markets.
dyson robot vacuum
The brush on the unreleased Dyson robot vacuum looks a lot like the brand’s signature fluffy cleaner head.

The 360 Hyperdymium is decked out in Dyson's signature blue and nickel motif, with the Verge noting it's equipped with a 360-degree camera with an LED lighting right for in-the-dark navigation.

As we've mentioned, this isn't Dyson's first robot vacuum, but it could be the first for the US. The 360 Hyperdymium follows up the previous models, the 360 Eye and 360 Heurist, except it's flatter and wider. The design of those other models, the Verge explains, made them unsuitable for the typical American household, especially when it came to vacuuming under furniture.

dyson 360 heurist
The Dyson 360 Heurist, which isn’t available in the US, is taller than traditional robot vacuums.
Dyson UK

Pricing on the potential robot vacuum isn't certain, though the Heurist retails for £800 (~$1,088). The new filing doesn't guarantee that Dyson will ever release the 360 Hyperdymium, much less in the states, but we'll keep our eyes peeled for a potential release date or new details.

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