Coated Aluminum Is the Key to Better-Looking Garden Gear

Including the best-looking hose reel you’ve ever seen.


From Shift, a division of Pennsylvania-based design studio Shiftspace, comes a collection of American-made garden and outdoor wares that apply a contemporary minimalist aesthetic to functional objects without sacrificing an ounce of utility. Working with local manufacturers and sourcing all materials within the U.S., Shift favors aluminum for both its durability and sustainability — it’s one of the few metals that can be reclaimed and recycled endlessly without loss of quality.

The Fairmount tile planter ($140, set of 4) and Tucker wall planter ($130) are designed for small-space urban gardening, while pieces like the coated aluminum Wylie hose reel ($78) and Beekman bird feeder ($88), with an “open floor plan [and] open walls on two sides for that exterior / interior lifestyle,” are best for green-thumbed aesthetes and budding ornithologists.

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