Mellower Days Are a Drop Away with Dad Grass's CBD Tincture

The Dad Grass Classic Formula tincture delivers the benefits of CBD without the need to light up or smoke flower

dad grass
Dad Grass

For those that want the benefit of weed but without the high, Dad Grass' CBD products make it possible to enjoy the stress-squashing, inflammation-reducing perks of smoking pot without feeling funny or fazed out. While Dad Grass has already built a cult following on the back of its popular Pre Rolled Joints, the brand has added an all-new tincture to the mix. As the name implies, the Classic Formula CBD Tincture is formulated from 100 percent organic hemp flower, responsibly grown in the US and blended with organic MCT oil for one of the purest tinctures on the market. The result is 1,200mg of full-spectrum CBD goodness without the fuzzy feeling that you might remember from your earlier marijuana smoking days. So whether you want to light up with its Pre Rolled Joints or drop in with its tinctures, a little Dad Grass will impart a chilled-out, euphoric mood that will widen your smile and relax your body, all while keeping your head clear. Plus, they’re federally legal and ship straight to your door. If that's not enough to convince you, for Cyber Monday, you can get a free Dad Grass five-Pack when you sign up for a Tincture subscription.

Price: $65


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