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Should You Spend $400 on this Electronic Dab Rig?

Get lost in your sauce with the Puffco Peak Pro.

puffco peak pro review
Amanda Reed

Concentrates have many advantages compared to flower: They are often higher in terpenes, offer cleaner, smoother and odorless hits, and they're more potent than their flower counterparts.

There are many ways to consume concentrates, but eRigs are becoming more popular due to their ease-of-use. Often, Puffco — specifically the Puffco Peak — is the first name that comes up in the eRig conversation.

Unlike the Puffco Peak, which was released in 2018, the Peak Pro packs a larger bowl, an improved carb cap, customizable lights, USB-C and wireless charging, Bluetooth app capability and real-time temperature control. But is it worth it?

Price: $400



Puffco Peak Vaporizer

Puffco puffco.com

What’s Good

Great for Beginners

Before the Peak Pro, I had never dabbed in my life. However, I was able to get the hang of it just by reading and following the directions. The Peak Pro is intuitive and beyond easy to use; if you know how to use a 510 battery, you’ll know how to use the Peak Pro: Just hold down the main button for three seconds to turn it on and off, single click to toggle between heat setting, and double click to initiate heat-up. Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

puffco peak pro review
The Puffco Peak Pro uses a colored light system to relay information like on/off, heating up and "I’m ready."
Amanda Reed

Good for Klutzes who Live in Apartments

If you dab, you know the song-and-dance of breaking out the butane torch and using that bad boy to heat up your banger. However, some people are not to be trusted with a large open flame, myself included (just ask my parents and siblings). Plus, as someone with long hair and anxiety, I do have a genuine fear of being burned alive, with my goldendoodle-esque ‘do as a firestarter. Additionally, there are moments where you cannot risk it for the biscuit by using a butane torch in your apartment. We can’t fight our landlords in the class war if we’re a pile of ash.


The Peak Pro comes with a sturdy (and honestly, really stylish) case. I am often tempted to use it as a purse to make a ~statement~. You can purchase other bags to wear it crossbody or hang it from your belt loop. You heard it here first folks! Dab rig as drip!

What’s Not Good

Difficult to Clean

This is not an exaggeration: You have to wipe down the ceramic chamber with a cotton swab soaked in some isopropyl alcohol every time you use the Peak Pro. If you don’t, you WILL face staining. It’s not a complete turnoff and mostly an aesthetic thing. But look how much isopropyl alcohol they use to deep clean the dang thing. “I will just buy multiple chambers and switch them out!” you think to yourself, making your first Big Brain realization in months. However, a replacement chamber costs $89.99. Hard to drop more money on a $400 eRig.

puffco peak pro review
The Puffco Peak Pro changes colors to signify different temperature settings.
Amanda Reed

Hard to Use App Capabilities on iPhone

At least on iPhone, in order to use the custom temperature controls enabled by Bluetooth connection, you have to follow a bunch of directions, including downloading a different app (???) and adding a shortcut to your homepage (???). Android users can download the Puffco Connect app. As a simpleton, the three heat settings are fine for me, and the additional hoops for exact temperature control is a turnoff.

Not Good for Big Dabs

I once accidentally left my Peak Pro at Some Dude’s house because I was too high and forgot to snag it (don’t do this, both leaving your dab rig around Some Dude and hanging around Some Dude). He used it without my permission (red flag) and added way too much wax to the Peak Pro (red flag). I did freak out. He did clean it for me once realizing the error of his ways. I did get it back, but I did eventually have to do a very deep clean, which, see point No. 1. As Redditors have pointed out, putting too much product in the PeakPro will cause sticky concentrate to spill over the chamber and a broken atomizer. Not good when it’s already a pain to clean.


Both alternatives come from GPen: The Roam is cheaper and more handheld than the PuffCo, easier to clean and better suited for travel. The Connect — an eNail — is great if you already have a glass piece and just want to get rid of the butane torch.

puffco peak pro review
The author shown carrying the Puffco Peak Pro’s very sleek and fashionable travel case.
Amanda Reed


If you like dabbing, the Puffco Peak Pro is well worth your money. Since Puffco unveiled the original Peak in 2018, the brand has innovated dabbing time and time again. The Peak Pro is a culmination of years of developing quite arguably one of the best electronic dab rigs around, albeit at a steep price point. That steep price point, however, is well worth the money. The device is sleek and a feat in dabbing engineering. Plus, it's a breeze to use, and like most weed accessories these days, prioritizes style just as much as functionality. If only Puffco could do something about making these things easier to clean, then we'd be happy to shell out even more.

Price: $400


Amanda Reed is Gear Patrol’s cannabis lifestyle writer.
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