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Casper Snoozewear Brings Bedroom Comfort to the Whole Home

The mattress brand's new sleepwear will have you dozing off in every room of your house.

casper snoozewear

When it comes to bedding, Casper knows what's up. The brand pretty much revolutionized the concept of the mattress in a box (we're a fan of its Nova Hybrid as the best mattress for hot sleepers), and it makes pretty good bed sheets, too. Its latest endeavor takes the bedroom comfort out of the bedroom with its new line of sleepwear, called Snoozewear.

"Our Snoozewear collection was influenced by Casper’s cozy duvets and thoughtfully crafted to take the comfort of your bed with you throughout your home," Casper's Director of Product Development Liz Boscacci says in a press release. "Each piece offers functionality, versatility and cozy aesthetics."

Available today, the collection comprises a pair of slippers ($59), a sleep mask ($49) and a blanket robe ($169). The former are straightforward enough: the slippers are made of a cotton jersey blend with a grippy bottom; the sleep mask is made of 100 cotton and filled with memory foam.

But it's the blanket robe that comfort seekers should have at the top of their shopping list.

casper snoozewear blanket robe
Casper’s Snoozewear Robe combines the comfort of a duvet and the practicality of a robe.

The Blanket Robe takes the feel and comfort of Casper's duvets, and transforms them into a functional and wearable piece of clothing. It's sort of reminiscent of the infamous Snuggie, minus the tacky infomercial pitch (and ghost-like silhouette). Like a cardigan met a down jacket, the Blanket Robe will make it feel as if you're bringing bedroom comfort wherever you are at home. The 100-percent cotton shell has a poly fill, and it comes in three colors — white, indigo and oat milk — and three sizes.

Shop the Snoozwear collection on Casper's website right now. Prices start at $49 and orders ship for free.

Price: $49+


Tyler Chin is Gear Patrol’s Associate Staff Writer.
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