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The Most Secure Smart Lock Is Also the Best Looking

From renowned industrial designer Yves Behar.


“Did I lock my door on the way out this morning?” is an anxiety-inducing thought that tends to arise when we’re furthest from home. August Home, a leading producer of smart locks, has upgraded its entire product line to include new DoorSense technology, which lets users know with certainty whether a deadbolt has been properly engaged.

“It’s critical that users have total control over the front door,” says August VP of Product Management Herve Letourneur, noting that customers were using August to remotely unlock their door for service providers, but had no way of knowing that a deadbolt had been set after being unlocked. “We realized that all locks have the potential to indicate they are locked, [even] when the door may in fact be ajar. DoorSense is the first intelligent, integrated sensor that lets users know their door is securely closed and locked.”

New to the August line-up is the Smart Lock Pro ($279), a wifi- and Bluetooth-enabled, HomeKit-compatible deadbolt that borrows from the original August Smart Lock in appearance, with a slew of added features. Coupled with DoorSense, the Smart Lock Pro offers Active Monitoring, a beta program that alerts users if a door has been left ajar for an extended period of time.

The flagship Smart Lock ($149) has been completely redesigned with a new pill shape and thumb dial for manual locking and unlocking. “The new August Smart Lock [delivers] our core lock in a new form factor that is affordable,” explains Yves Béhar, renowned industrial designer and the brain behind August Home’s products. “This new form fits well with existing door hardware, which flows vertically with the door. The thumb latch is made of premium materials with a sense of quality that is tactile as much as visual.”

Available for pre-order now, the new August Home products are expected to ship in mid-October.

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