Smart Bulb Skeptics, the New LIFX Mini Series Is for You

From bare-bones white to a compact light with 16 million color options.

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LIFX, creator of the first wifi-enabled multicolored LED smart bulb, is diversifying its product line with three new “Mini” lights. Smaller in size and lower in cost, the new lights are also more purpose-built. At $45, the LIFX Mini costs $15 less than LIFX’s flagship smart bulb, yet boasts many of the same features, like variable shades of white and full spectrum color. The LIFX Mini White ($25) stands as a gateway smart bulb. It lacks the light temperature control and range of colors found in the LIFX Mini, but can still be turned on and off using a connected app or smart home assistant.

The LIFX Mini Day & Dusk ($30) may serve as its most practical addition. It lacks the full spectrum color of the original LIFX, but calibrates brightness and light temperature throughout the day in accordance with sunrise and sunset, as well as pre-set wake and sleep times.

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