A Hyperfunctional Laundry Hamper That Won’t Kill Your Vibe

The Rollo hamper makes laundry hampers cool… somehow.


Let not your laundry hamper be a hidden, forlorn figure, wedged so tightly between your dresser and wall that it’s nearly imperceptible to the untrained eye. Instead, pick up Kvell’s new eye-pleasing Rollo hamper, made with a synthetic fiber that’s meant to be crushed, folded and stretched every which way. It’s also breathable, allowing air to freely flow through the inside, which helps keep dirty clothes from stinking between washes.

Design of the Rollo – like the rest of the Toronto-based Kvell’s products – was spearheaded by Alan Wisniewski, a former senior designer for modern home decor giant Umbra. Available now in five colors – blue, grey, green, pink, cream.

Buy Now: $60

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