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What makes Live Bearded's Derma Roller worth talking about — by Gear Patrol Studios.

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For some, growing a thick, healthy beard comes naturally – must be nice...

Meanwhile, for the majority of men, dealing with slow growth (or a few pesky patches) can take all the fun out of the process. Luckily, Live Bearded’s Derma Roller Growth Kit is here to save the day.

The miracle product uses microneedling technology to help stimulate your skin and boost beard growth. Combine it with the brand’s ‘Beard Activator Serum’ and prepare to meet the beard of your dreams.

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Live Bearded
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Live Bearded

The Backstory

Live Bearded: Helping Beardsmen Look, Feel and Be Their Best

Live Bearded believes in the brotherhood of beardsmen. Their products are proudly made in the USA with all-natural ingredients and used by hundreds of thousands of men each day. What kind of men? Beardsmen.

The Live Bearded team is made up of a tight-knit group of trailblazers who believe it’s our responsibility to ‘Do Better’ every day. They’re dedicated to providing fans with the best products on the market – for every type of beard.

Live Bearded knows that beards come in all shapes, sizes, colors and styles. They’re here to help you discover your own beard; and then take it to the next level.

The Gist

How Does Live Bearded’s Derma Roller Work?

The full Derma Roller Kit comes with the brand’s proprietary Derma Roller, plus the ‘Beard Activator Serum’ and a bottle of Roller Sanitizer. The derma roller harnesses microneedling technology to create controlled ‘micro-injuries’ in the skin. These then stimulate the body’s natural healing process and boost collagen and elastin production. From there, the Beard Activator Serum nourishes and revitalizes the hair follicles to produce thicker, healthier beard growth.

When first starting out, fans should plan to use the derma roller (and serum) two to three times per week. For best results, make sure to use the derma roller growth kit for a minimum of four to six months. Studies show that the longer you use the kit, the better your results will be.


Use Live Bearded’s Derma Roller to Unleash a Better Beard

While the device can be used by any beardsman, the Derma Roller was first developed to help those struggling with thin spots, patches and slow growth. Moreover, in a six-month clinical study 94 percent of users grew new beard follicles and 55 percent saw faster, thicker growth.

That said, Live Bearded proudly stands behind its products – and boasts a ‘no questions asked’ better beard growth guarantee. Their team is so sure you’ll grow a better, thicker, healthier beard that they’re prepared to let you try the kit for a full year, and if you don’t love the results, they’ll give you a full refund.

So what are you waiting for? There’s no reason not to shop the Derma Roller Kit today. Plus, to sweeten the deal, Live Bearded is offering a limited time bonus worth $95 to Gear Patrol readers.

Price: $80


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