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Dyson Just Unveiled Its Most Powerful Vacuum Ever. It Weighs Just Six Pounds

Dyson’s new vacuum is lighter and more powerful than any of their previous models — and it’s cordless.


It’s been clear for some time that Dyson isn’t one to sit back on its haunches. The English air (and light) manipulating juggernaut just released a handheld, cordless vacuum with more suction than its Upright Ball Animal 2. That makes it their most powerful vacuum of any type to date, and it’s all of six pounds.

The Cyclone V10 ($699) makes improvements across the board over the V8, its cordless predecessor, though none quite as impressive or impactful as the motor that drives the latest device. The V10’s new motor is operated by a tiny circuit board that propels a blade turbine sixteen separate times per revolution, kicking up to 125,000 RPM and creating absurd suction for a vacuum of any size. The V10 maxes out at 290 AW (air watts are a mathematical measure of the power of a vacuum cleaner) which, for perspective, is more than the aforementioned Ball Animal 2, a vacuum that is corded and is almost 1/4 the weight.

At the launch event in NYC, Sir James Dyson himself stated that his company would no longer be investing R&D or other resources into developing any more corded vacuums. Noting that he believes the future of vacuuming is cordless and lightweight along the way.

The V10 promises 60 minutes of maximum power cleaning (without battery fade) with a three-and-a-half charge-time.

At the same event, Dyson launched a more powerful air purifying fan, the Dyson Pure Cool Fan. The fan is an advancement on Dyson’s previous work in the air purifying realm, essentially creating a fan built for larger rooms. Through a series of sensor lasers the Pure Cool is able to automatically wake up, begin filtering indoor pollutant particles (smoke, pollen, pet dander, etc.) through it and emitting purified air. An LCD display on the front of the device alerts you to the pollutant-types in your home and how long it took to filter them out, all in real time.

Starting at $449, the Dyson Pure Cool is available now.

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