Kickstarter: Pet Lounge Studios Bambu Pet Hammock



Supporting Pet Lounge Studio’s limited edition Bambu Pet Hammock kickstarter project is definitely one way to show your furry friend they’re numero uno. Designer Cory Drew approached the task as any furniture designer would, focusing on materials and lines. The result is a floating pooch palace that’s achieved by stretching the upholstery grade, ultra-suede pillow across a bamboo frame. Each corner of the pillow is attached using carabineers and stainless steel anchors, which together can support pets weighing less than 30lbs while still being easily removed when it’s time to have the pillow washed — that is if you can ever convince your hound to leave it. Pledging $125 or more will get you a limited edition, signed version of the bed, a probably more than a few licks from an ecstatic (and now horribly spoiled) companion.

Buy Now: $125

Ben Bowers is the chief content officer and co-founder of Gear Patrol.
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