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Cold War Creations Glass Nixie Tube Clock

Time Tube

Glass Nixie Tube Clock Gear Patrol

Nixie Tub Clock ($245) from Etsy maker Cold War Creations is a stunning display for checking the time and temp. It’s elegant cylindrical glass case mirrors the shape of its internal Soviet IN-14 Nixie display tubes, while downplaying the presence of the modern circuit boards which make them work, and ironically boast more computing power than the cold war computers these Nixie tubes were originally designed for. Those brains enable the clock’s ambient light sensor to adjust the intensity of the tube display based on the brightness of the room for easier. Users can also opt to have the clock’s digits crossfade, or turn off at a set time interval to save power. In sum, it’s the best kremlin product housed in a glass since Vodka.

Buy Now: $245

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