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Black & Decker 18v Cordless Chainsaw

Cut the cord. Just don't cut yourself.


UPDATE: Just for shiggles, we threw together a short video of Dusty taking on a small tree at Gear Patrol reader Tim F’s home. Yes, the shrub (er, tree) is larger than Black & Decker approves or recommends with this chainsaw, but why the hell not. Watch it after the jump. Yes, we know it’s got some funky colors going on. Anyway, we might take on more real world challenges like this – just let us know if you want to see more. Top Gear… for Gear, if you will.

Part of being an advanced member of the human species (read: man) is possessing the ability to choose and use the appropriate tool for any given job. Sometimes, the testosterone coursing through my veins encourages me to overpower a task with brute force, a technique that often proves ill-advised. After all, just because you know how to fire up a 100cc professional chainsaw, doesn’t mean that you always should.

I’m learning, instead, to choose more efficient and manageable solutions, like the Black & Decker 18v Cordless Chainsaw. This little guy combines a big bite with the ultimate in wieldability. With its 8” bar and a heft of just over 6 pounds, it’s had me running around the yard just looking for things to chop into smaller pieces.  It’s 18v power source is interchangeable with several other B&D lawn electrics, to boot. Just take my advice if you wish to avoid the ire of your loved ones. Ask if there are any “special” trees around your property before you connect battery to blade and forever alter your landscape and destiny.

Cost: $115 at Amazon | $99 at Walmart

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