Artillery Tools Disaster Restoration Set

Demolition, Man.


Artillery Tool’s various pry bar systems are designed to help professionals and do-it-yourself-ers alike tear down construction like Stephon Marbury destroyed his career. While all of their kits feature a variety of interchangeable handles and specialized pry heads, the Disaster Restoration Set ($549)is their top of the line offering. The 22 specialized wrecking components packed neatly inside its plastic contractor case can combine to do the same job performed crowbars, chisels, flat bars, hammers, roofing shovels, scrapers, nail pullers, shingle removers, staple pullers, wrecking bars and probably a Louisville Slugger. We hope you never have to use it, but if you do, it’s the best thing to have on hand for destruction next to Randy Savage (R.I.P.) on a Slim Jim set.

Buy Now: $549

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