My Least Favorite Alcoholic Beverage Just Released a New, Super-Premium Version of Itself

Typically associated with college parties gone incredibly sideways, Jägermeister isn’t often thought of as a quality-first liqueur. Its new bottle hopes to change that, for better or worse.


I really don’t like Jägermeister. Its syrupy, black licorice pour and taste are not something I want in my vicinity again in this lifetime or the next.

But, Jägermeister’s new spirit, called Manifest, promises to be at least a bit different. Made from a whopping 56 botanicals, Jägermeister says the bottle is more complex, fuller-bodied and even good as a whiskey replacement in an Old Fashioned.

According to Jägermeister the bottle will SRP for $59, so don’t expect it at many college parties anytime soon.

Learn More: Here

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