Automatic Mini Donut Factory

Time To Make The....

Typically we avoid covering anything that could anchor a 45 minute infomercial at 4:00 a.m. Based on your response to the King Arthur mini donut maker last spring, though, we had to share this automatic mini donut factory ($180) — which takes a vastly improved assembly line approach to creating the addictive breakfast staple. Simply pour in the batter, and the machine will do everything else including dispensing the dough, forming, flipping, and frying. Once that’s done, the little bundles of fried goodness just slide down to the landing tray, ready to receive all manner of sugar coating treatments. The best part is that this wonder of modern technology can start pumping donuts out in 90 secs, or pretty close to the rate at which you can wolf them down without choking. Unfortunately, a catapult accessory for launching hot items directly into your mouth from the slide isn’t available — yet.

Buy Now: $180

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