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Mood Rocking Bed

Bed Rock


The Mood Rocking Bed ($3,000) is creative a project from Etsy seller Shinerinternational. Founder Joe Manus got his start making furniture for high-end nightspots using a mixture of landfill-destined materials, and those origins are clearly visible in the mood bed’s whimsical style. Frankly, the curved carbon steel frame combined with a mix of pine, oak, walnut and mahogany make it one of the most striking slumber pits we’ve ever seen. Then again, there may be an entire market for adult rocking cribs that we just aren’t tapped into. Designed for indoor or outdoor use, buyers can freeze the bed’s position with included rubber stoppers should they prefer a more stable sleep (or fear they’ll be pushed down the driveway at 3 am). You decide whether this trumps the nestrest as the ultimate daydream station.

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