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Namiki Falcon Fountain Pen

Ditch the Bic.


When I recently purchased some personalized stationary for work (a hand written thank you note in this digital age can get you more attention than landing a jet on the Hudson), I set out to find a pen worthy of writing on such fine paper. The trusty Bic just felt wrong for such a task.

My search ended with a fountain pen from Namiki called the Falcon.  The Falcon has a great reputation for being a top of the line fountain pen, with a much more reasonable price tag than it’s more entrenched brethren.  It features a 14k gold nib which molds to your specific writing style.  The model that I chose sports a fine nib, but it’s also available in medium or broad (Ben: “That’s what she said”).  Its black barrel (Ben: “resisting…”) and gold accents combine for an understated, but classy looking pen.

After a month of use, I am nothing but impressed.  It writes so well that I constantly find myself looking for something to write.  Plus, even my doodles seem more dignified when done with a fountain pen.  So if you’re discerning about your pens, give the Falcon a shot.

Editors Note: Expect a little bleed through on thin paper, so try Moleskine or Doane if that bothers you. The price is definitely steep, but like a lot of the things I cover, it is going to be around for as long as you take care of it. Not to mention that it will give you Don Draper cred that your Grandpa will respect. Plus, it’s a great gift idea for the more respected men in your life. Think father-in-law.

Cost: $170 @ Pilot Pen | $136 @ Amazon


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