Brennwagen GTX 1500 Grill and Smoker

BBQ Meets the Autobahn


German engineers have made countless innovations in the automotive world, and hold a reputation as some of the best in the business. The question is, do these technical skills translate to BBQ? Brennwagen is a relatively new company, founded in 2010 by former Formula 1 engineer Florian Wagner. A quick look at his grill’s low profile tires, drop-center rims and safety breaks, shows his eye for the racetrack hasn’t slipped an inch. The GTX 1500 ($7,930) is self described by the company as “a gigantic all-rounder that would make even Chuck Norris go weak at his knees”. Made by hand in Germany from a premium stainless steel body, titanium heat ducts, a robust aluminium chassis, and sustainably farmed mahogany detailing, it weighs 445 pounds and features an integrated precision smoker fired from a removable ash container. A height-adjustable grill with removable rods sits directly next to the smoker for more traditional cooking, while isolated storage for keeping meat or an entire crate of beer chilled, plus a drawer for wood round the bottom. Taken as a whole, the 1500 undoubtedly lives up to the Brennwagen stylosophy of “barbecues, any time, any place” — sadly, as long as that place happens to be in Deutschland.

Buy Now: $7,930

Ben Bowers is the chief content officer and co-founder of Gear Patrol.
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