4 Brewers Name Their Favorite After-Work Beers

We asked some of our favorite brewers whose beer they reach for when they get home from work.

Burial Beer Co.

There are few things that effectively ease the evenings that follow hours of manual laboring — or, more likely, staring at a computer monitor — and most of them are beer. As it turns out, making beer does actually count as work. This means those who know most about beer also go home with it in mind. We asked four of our favorite brewers what beers they reach for in their hours of need.

Highland Park Timbo Pils

“During a recent trip to Los Angeles, I was captured by Highland Park’s Timbo Pils. I couldn’t get away from it. The beer is the perfect marriage of classic Cali IPA and more mineral-toned German-style Pils. You are blasted in the face with bountiful tropical dank aroma and then pleased with a crisp finish.” — Doug Reiser, Burial Beer Co., Asheville, N.C.

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Central Coast Brewing Monterey Street Pale Ale

“We don’t get it here in Georgia, but if we did, I would drink Monterey Street Pale Ale from Central Coast Brewing. It is incredibly balanced, super flavorful, and just plain delicious. It’s exactly the kind of beer you’d want after a long day of brewery work.”
— Adam Beauchamp, Creature Comforts, Athens, Ga.

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Saison Dupont

“It’s a timeless and elegant beer. It’s also damn tasty. Complex without being pretentious. It’s refreshing and satisfying any time of the day or year. To me, it is a beer for any occasion that calls for one.” — Ross Koenigs, New Belgium Brewing, Fort Collins, Co.

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Burial Beer Co. Innertube

“Innertube by Burial is my all time favorite after-work beer. It walks the very delicate line of being a craft brew, but within a macro brewery style. This balance is a testament to their brewing skill and finesse, as well as the aesthetic of a 12 oz can. It’s only 3.5% ABV offered at a super inexpensive price relative to the quality — if you are lucky enough to find it.” — Matt Levy, Threes Brewing, Brooklyn, NY

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