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This Startup Just Released a $599 Countertop Oven. Here’s Why It’s a Steal.

The June Oven just launched a cheaper version of its original smart oven — is the new price worth it?


When the June Smart Oven first launched, it retailed for $1495 and claimed to replace everything that’s currently in your kitchen in the amount of space your microwave holds hostage. Developed by former Apple engineers, the oven was announced two years ago and has undergone some changes to make it smarter and cheaper. The new model retails for just $599 and is $100 off with code NEW100 now.

The June Oven works like a convection oven, toaster, air fryer, dehydrator, slow cooker, broiler and warming drawer — sounds like one powerful tool. It recognizes over 65 different foods thanks to a camera inside, where you can conveniently watch your food cook. Just plug the interval cavity temperature sensor into a piece of meat or fish, and it’ll heat to the perfect temperature. The quietness of the oven, ability to cook pretty much anything all at once and quick pre-heat time certainly peaks our interest. Would a tool like this be worth it never to use an oven again? Or eliminate the need for a microwave and slow cooker from depths of the kitchen? At just $599 it might be worth checking out in person.

The smart oven space isn’t crowded, but it’s becoming trendy, especially as millennials opt to live in small spaces. The Brava oven claims to be twice as fast as conventional ovens (500 degrees in less than a second) and allows you to cook your steak, potatoes and broccoli all at the same time in the same tiny space. While we haven’t tested the food that comes out of the June smart oven, we have eaten steak right out of the Brava oven and can vouch that the process was quick and seamless and the food is delicious. The Brava Oven is available for pre-order now for $995. There’s also the Tovala Steam Oven that steams, bakes and broils depending on what meal box you scan. It retails for $299 plus a weekly billed meal plan for $36.

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