You Can Now Buy a Previously Unproduced Eames Design

Charles and Ray Eames’ radio design was ahead of its time in 1946.


Charles and Ray Eames are design legends, many parts in thanks to their iconic plywood and leather lounge chair. The Eames’ mastery of plywood molding lead to the Eames lounger, but it also formed the basis for radio designs; by 1952, the Eames duo fabricated some 200,000 radio cases for clients. Yet, there was one design, created in 1946, that was a personal favorite of the couple that never saw production, at least until now.

Thus, we have the new Eames Radio, a recreation of that original design and a collaboration between manufacturer Vitra and the Eames Office. According to Vitra, the original prototype was compact and technical-looking, apparently too much so that the client requested a “more normal” design. The modern remaking, though, keeps the look of the original while approving on it. The obvious update is in technology: it features modern internals from British radio maker REVO, which include Bluetooth connectivity and smart device charging. The exterior is made from walnut which pairs well with the matte black face.

While it’d make an excellent home addition to anyone with a love of mid-century design, there’s a caveat: it’s a limited edition of just 999 pieces. The radio is available online at Vitra right now, for $999.

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