Rhodia Meeting Book


Be it note pads, pocket notebooks, planners, etc., Rhodia not only produces some of the nicer writing materials you can get your hands on. Each one filled with heavyweight paper that’s a pleasure to write on, and more importantly provides the hated “bleed through”, a mortal sin in our fountain pen loving minds. And while you’ll never go wrong with any Rhodia product, we’re especially partial to their yearly planners that we’ve come to use over the past few years, and their meeting book, which we just began using. The yearly planner provides each week clearly laid out and a page for random notes you might need to jot down. Tear away page corners make it easy to keep track which week you’re on. They’re simple, rugged and classic looking.

The meeting book is a new and welcomed addition to our notebook repertoire. Each page of the meeting book has sections for the date of the meeting, subject, notes and action items. It’s allowed us to not only take better notes at work, but has also made them a useful resource weeks after the fact. Something we can’t say for the chicken scratches scrawled all over our MEAD. Time to up your paper game.

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