Now’s Your Chance to Buy Some of Japan’s Most Coveted Whisky

The first booze release of the year is a 300 bottle haul of whisky from a famous Japanese distillery.


Dubbed Sanmi-Ittai Trinitas, the first big whisky release of 2019 comes from a distillery that’s been closed for close to 20 years.

The Akuto family’s Hanyu Distillery started making whisky in 1941 and began selling it in 1946. After 40 some-odd years of struggling to compete with easier-to-produce clear spirits like sake and shochu domestically, Hanyu shuttered just a few years shy of the worldwide whiskey boom. Nowadays, bottles of Hanyu whisky are among the most-prized bottles of older Japanese whisky you could get your hands on (according to Dekanta, older Hanyu whisky auctions well over $10,000 per bottle).

This is why this new 281-bottle lot of Hanyu Distillery whisky is likely to re-sell for a hell of a lot more than its $350 price tag. Dekanta bought up one of the last remaining Hanyu whisky casks and used it as a base for a blended, single cask expression. Sanmi-Ittai Trinitas is available now through Dekanta’s site.

Price: $350
Release Date: January 2019
Proof: 116
Availability: 281 bottles

Learn More: Here

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