HeadsUp Wireless Gear Alert System

Idiot Insurance


You scrimped and saved to buy that perfect kayak and the exact rack to mount it on your ride’s roof. You planned your first paddle with it for months and had the time of your life once you finally got out on the water. In fact, the trip was so epic that you couldn’t stop thinking about it all the way home — and that’s when you plow your new composite baby right into the rafters of your garage. F%$#.

This little tale may sound like an Allstate mayhem commercial, but it happens to plenty of preoccupied gear heads every year. The HeadsUp System ($170) is designed specifically to stop this tragedy from happening thanks to a flashing LED garage sign component and an in car alerter beeper, which reminds to you to pump the breaks before it’s too late. Failing to stop even after those warnings go off would just prove your life is straight out of Euripides’ playbook.

Editor’s Note: If a the HeadsUp system is too rich for your blood, the next best solution is to put your garage door opener in the trunk at the end of every trip.

Buy Now: $170

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