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New Gear from Dyson: Lights That Help You Sleep, a Super-Charged Vacuum and More

The British homeware stalwart continues the pursuit to build the perfect vacuum.


It may come as a surprise that Dyson makes things other than vacuums. The British engineering and design company started with vacuums in 1983 and stayed the course until 2009, when it started to branch out. Today, Dyson dropped three new products in three very different categories. Here are the highlights.

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Dyson Pure Cool Me

The latest in Dyson’s array of air-blowing products is its first personal air-purifying fan. The Pure Cool Me sucks in the surrounding air, cycles it through a series of progressively finer filters (including a HEPA-certified filter) and pushes a steady stream of cool, 99.97 percent particle-free air in your face. The Pure Cool Me is available now for $350 in Dyson’s white-silver colorway.

Dyson Lightcycle Task Light

The Lightcycle lamps are a lot like Dyson’s CSYS lamp, except for one thing — color temperature. The Lightcycle tracks the daylight in your timezone and adjusts the color temperature of the light accordingly, meaning Lightcycle is always matching the exact glow of the natural light in your area. Dyson engineers say this was developed with the expressed purpose of minimizing eye strain and keeping people in their natural circadian rhythms, but you’re still able to adjust brightness and temperature manually if desired. Starting at $600, Dyson is accepting pre-orders for the Lightcycle now. It comes in white or black.

Dyson V11

The V series got smarter so you can be dumber. The new on-board computer tests pressure on the head of the vacuum more than 300 times a second and changes the power level accordingly. Basically, it throttles up or down for you based on whatever floor type you’re cleaning — lower power levels for hardwoods and low pile rugs and higher power levels for thick carpet and high pile rugs.

Also new: a small screen on the back that shows how much juice is left in the battery, troubleshoots potential issues and allows you to set power levels manually. The V11 is available through Dyson’s site now for $599.

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