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3 New Coffee Roasts to Try Right Now

Coffee, like beer, is seasonal. This means great roasters are dropping great bags on the regular.


Seasonality is everything in coffee. So when it comes to choosing the best beans to brew at home, our recommendation is simple: just look to what’s new. Here, three fresh batches from some of the country’s best roasters — Spyhouse, Kickapoo and Temple.

Spyhouse Doris Alicia Cruz

Spyhouse’s southwestern Colombia roast is grown in the Andes, the world’s tallest mountain range that supports significant coffee production. What to expect: higher elevation is known to produce coffees with more complexity and acidity.

Origin: La Caldera, Nariño, Colombia
Roast Level: Light-Medium

Buy Now: $17

Kickapoo Organic Peru La Guava

Peru’s slightly off-kilter, complex beans are the hot single origin of the moment. Fresh bags are dropping everywhere, but you should turn attention to Kickapoo’s La Guava, the beans of which are harvested about 100 miles southwest of Cusco. The roast rides the line between light and medium and yields a sweet, balanced cup with a vanilla-heavy finish.

Origin: El Progreso, Peru
Roast Level: Light-Medium

Buy Now: $17

Temple Peru Santos Manchay

Dark roasted coffee gets a bad wrap in the coffee community, but that’s changing. Sourced from Santos Manchay Antonio’s lots in the heart of the Andes, Temple’s new Peruvian dark roast is the ideal bag to buy if you’re just getting into specialty coffee. It’ll be a nostalgic reminder of the coffee most people grow up with, just a lot better.

Origin: Cajamarca, Peru
Roast Level: Dark

Buy Now: $18

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Assistant Editor, Home and Design Will Price is Gear Patrol’s home and drinks editor.
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