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These Weber Kettles Are the Most Hyped Thing in Grilling

If you thought all Weber grills were created equal, you were wrong.


The forums are abuzz: “Dang, just when I was going to offer my Ivory for sale or trade.” “That’s gonna deflate the resale value of the Canadian versions.” “Wish they had these in Australia!”

We are not talking about sneakers, Supreme drops or foldable smartphones. We are talking, of course, about Weber kettles.

Old Weber grills, like vintage products from any classically American brand, are highly collectible. By virtue of “PAT PENDING” being etched into the top-side vent, a kettle from the late ’60s, early ’70s is currently selling for more than $1,500 on eBay. But the first layer of Weber kettle collectibility is more obvious: color.

Since the kettle’s shape was more or less finalized in 1956, Weber has rotated through a number of permanent and limited-edition colorways — greens, blues, yellows and, most famously, reds (“redhead” kettles belongs to the permanent collection at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History). Vintage grills of every color are regularly bought, sold, traded and discussed on forums like Weber Kettle Club.

This month, Weber threw its enthusiasts a bone. It added four new colors — slate blue, ivory, smoke and spring green — to its Master-Touch series, which is the most-upgraded version of any Weber kettle (BBQ Guys has a nice breakdown here). They’re available now, priced at $249 a pop.

Buy Now: $249

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