What’s the Best Glass for a Whiskey Highball? Norlan Just Made It

Norlan’s dreamy glassware line grows with a slightly Japanese twist.


Creators of some of the better whiskey glasses you can buy, Norlan just dropped its third over-engineered vessel, one designed specifically for highballs.

Available for pre-order now, the Vawe Highball is made by a process that entails molten crystal machine-pressed into a five-part mold in a “single blinding moment.” The result is much like its Rauk glass, elongated for quality highballs or the Japanese-style mizuwari, which is just the spirit poured over ice with added water. At nearly 1.5 pounds, it keeps in line with the Rauk’s heavy-duty standards.

The glass is chemically polished and features tiny chevrons (bumps) in the base to help muddle herbs and mix herbs and other solids into the drink. Norlan expects the glasses to ship by July.

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