The Drive to Win


Before you draw your conclusions about the name, let’s “shift gears”. Carnology: The Car Identification Game ($40) is a board game we car lovers have been waiting for, having had to weakly satisfy ourselves with mindless rounds of Monopoly over the years. Creator, John Cupit, drawing from wonderful childhood memories of playing the game of car ID’ing with his dad on the road, has created a photgraphic, automotive Trivial Pursuit. And just like us guys, the game is 100% visual, so if you can’t tell a Ferrari from a Fiero, you’re fresh out of luck (and skills) as far as gaming victory is concerned.

Covering 9 different car group types from 1901 to 2012, the game utilizes a beautiful playing board with a checkered flag at the finish, crisp full color photos of each car and six nicely crafted metal automotive game pieces, ranging from a Lambo Countach to a VW Microbus (where’s the Ferrari, Cupit?). Just avoid getting the F1 car piece whipped at your head by your buddy who knows virtually nothing about cars. That front spoiler will leave a mark.

Buy Now: $40

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