Castor Design Deadstock Lighting

Light from the darkness


One man’s trash is another’s treasure, so it goes. That is, indeed, the case with Castor Design Deadstock Lighting. Castor (or “beaver” in French) Design did green one-up by utilizing what might have been cast off in the garbage heap as “mere junk” and turned it into one-of-a-kind lighting decor for your hipster pad. What happens when your average joe finds a pile of scrap metal in his garage? He pitches it in the alley, hoping Sanford & Son will swing by and take it off his hands. Well, Castor found an old pile of industrial steel components in a now closed Toronto lighting factory and essentially made history their friend by reworking the metal into new lamps. Using new techniques and added materials, Castor was able to produce a true heritage collection with a twist. And not only did they revive the old for singular collection, they reached out to the original manufacturer to revive the old factory’s machines to produce more versions of these hidden treasure pieces for the rest of the world to enjoy. The old is new and the new is well, fantastic.

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