Craftsman Pressure Washer & Steam Cleaner

Spring into action at 1700 PSI


The signs of spring are usually cause for celebration — that is until you uncover your patio furniture to reveal an unidentifiable landscape of last year’s 4th of July cookout. Craftsman, whose wares have graced the drawers of your family’s toolbox for generations, offers the perfect solution with their new 1700 PSI / 1.3 GPM (Gallons per Minute) pressure washer and steam cleaner ($220). Its included steam cleaner branches out beyond the traditional applications of a pressure washer and is the perfect tool to break down grime on grills, lawn furniture or car rims. Once that’s over, switch back to the pressure washer to clean driveways and second-story windows using the all-metal wand, 3 cleaning tips, 26-foot hose and detergent tank. Next thing you know, you’ll be prepped and polished for your next outdoor gathering. Wear closed toes shoes while you do it, though, because accidentally blasting your toenails off is never fun.

Buy Now: $220

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