RoboReel Cord Winders

Reelin' and dealin'


When we were just youngsters, it was always fun “helping out” the old man in the garage or lawn…which probably explains our gear addiction. Now that we’ve got some square footage of our own, carrying on the generational tradition of a perfectly manicured lawn and well appointed garage is one of life’s chief delights. While looping cords around the elbow and hand always works, the RoboReel ($389) is a lazy neat freak’s salvation.

Unlike inferior, spring loaded cord winders, the RoboReel has a motorized winding mechanism, wrapped in an oil, gas, and chemical resistant plastic, allowing it to slowly retract cord in whiplash-free fashion. It also comes in freestanding and ceiling mounted versions for installation flexibility. There’s even a garden hose edition to keep your sprinkler setup nice and tidy. Whether either are worth nearly $400 is between you and your obsessive compulsive disorder.

Buy Now: $389

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