Design Spotlight: Florian Saul’s Servus / r75 Coat Rack

At Your Servus

Florian Saul

German industrial designer Florian Saul’s furniture concepts are consistent in their merging of simplicity, aesthetic elegance, and functionality. The Servus / r75 rack is a modern take on the suit valet and our favorite of the lot. The minimalistic piece consists of a single strip of polished wood that bends slightly forward at the top and bottom to form a practical, yet gorgeous leaning coat rack. At its base are two small rubber feet to avoid slippage. The design also incorporates a leather satchel, for any accessories such as gloves, hats, etc., which comes attached to the bottom part for easy storage, and is completely detachable for those hardcore minimalists out there. Furthermore, one rack can be joined with another Servus / r75 to form a self-standing double rack. Genius! There’s no word on the availability of this concept to the general public yet. But with looks and functionality this good, we’re already clearing out an entire wall in anticipation.

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